About us

About us

Know-How and professionalism

STONE PERFORMANCE was created in 2009 based on the "SPP" patent for exceptional stone coverings.

On the strength of its experience and references, it has since been dedicated to developing and perfecting coatings in which the addition of high technology increases the aesthetic advantages. Its specific know-how can be found in fields as diverse as stone, mineral surfaces, metals, high-performance composites, strength of materials, construction and light structural engineering and mechanics. The “SPP” is, for example, the only solution to overcome the problems inherent in crystalline marbles and difficult or fragile stones. Granular stripping, which prohibits the laying of (white) marbles on the exterior facade, is neutralized by this process. Marble on the facade has again become totally possible.

STONE PERFORMANCE is geared toward the building sector as well as decoration and furniture. Its applications are vectors for creativity by offering beautiful, reliable and long-lasting composite materials. It is particularly committed to R&D and the constant pursuit of quality and efficiency. Its responsible life cycle management and active participation in sustainable development are the primary consideration in the development of materials and methods. Its production site based in Lisbon draws on a rich manufacturing and professional pool. Its production process is governed by CSTB‑Certified procedures for Quality Control and Traceability. A cross-cultural team of experienced professionals leads its activities in a multidisciplinary framework dealing with feasibility, design, production and installation assistance. STONE PERFORMANCE has an international technical-sales team in Paris who listens to architects and actively participates in the implementation of projects.

At the heart of the reality of a new vision

STONE PERFORMANCE developed the exclusive technology to shape and bend the stone which has been made light.

We invest in engineering as well as in the development of innovative products. Our teams deploy their expertise to create and support these solutions for designers and ensure appropriate integration from the early stages through to assisting with implementation. The parameters related to coatings and composite materials are integrated with the designs in order to optimize the aesthetic/performance ratio. We develop very high performance composite solutions for the extraordinary functions that are associated with the most striking structures of our time.

Stone Performance is a company dedicated

to innovation in the field of stone.

An international reputation

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Recognized and certified in France and abroad

The exclusive “SPP” natural honeycomb stone (5 mm + 20 mm) system is a process certified for its performance and recognized internationally for its high quality; a cladding system approved by a CSTB Technical Notice and also approved for installation in seismic zones.


Stone performance works with its customers through the various phases of a project from design to installation regardless of your mineral project, in limestone (Saint-Maximin, Moca Crème, Moleanos, etc.) or marble (Carrara, Calacatta, Onyx, Travertine, Sodalite, etc.), Stone Performance offers a full solution: choice of material, design advice, shop drawings, design office, ATEx, assistance in starting installation.


Since 2005

A true specialist in mineral materials but also in materials such as terrazzo or ceramics, Stone Performance certifies the gluing of materials on all types of media: aluminium honeycomb, fibreglass, PU foam, PET, bullet-proof aluminium foam, or tempered laminated glass. In all thicknesses. (5, 10, 20 mm etc.)!


Benefiting from a network of local partners, Stone Performance can make all your wishes come true (marble on glass, backlit, laser engraving or sandblasting, brass insert, marquetry, curved or curved concave or convex stone). But also a rigorous quality control and packaging process as well as a full shipment solution, including delivery to the construction site.

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