The expressiveness of the noble material in exceptional dimensions!

STONE PERFORMANCE panels are available in many versions, on all types of limestone, marble, granite, slate, quartz, ceramic and with any type of finish (honed, polished, brushed, sanded …) giving free rein to the designer’s creativity; released from the traditional stone’s intrinsic limits.
Measuring up to 320×160 cm, and adapting itself to any geometry, stone defies the laws of gravity and breaks architectural codes. With these certified solutions, stone will perfectly adapt to your contemporary minimalist projects and renovations, naturally combining itself with traditional stones slabs.
Stone, everywhere, on all levels, and Big!


STONE PERFORMANCE PROCESS® system is composed of a thin natural stone layer bonded on a technological composite backing support (5 mm stone + 20 mm honeycomb) and a high performance ultra-light aluminium frame.
The mechanical characteristics of the honeycomb support, composed of an aluminium core between two braided fibreglass sheets, offer an enduring resistance.
Considered as ventilated cladding, SPP® panels are applied in sidding, curtain wall system (CW), wall covering, on masonry or metallic structure with a secondary metal or wood frame, allowing the installation of thermal insulation from the outside.
With no weather or geographical constraints, SPP® is also the only certified mineral solution for installation in seismic areas.
Thanks to its fully invisible fixing system, the façade has reduced joints (5 mm) open or closed with silicone.
The SPP® process has been certified since 2009 by CSTB Technical Advice (2.2/13-1567_V3), NOA (USA), BBA (UK) and governed by QB15 quality controls. This high-performance product, the only in its category with a 10- year warranty, is recognized on Agence Qualité Construction (AQC)’s green list.


STONE PERFORMANCE PROCESS® is a product of contemporary architecture, integrating the range of the largest façade cladding panels with the assurance of a guaranteed and certified product.
This solution offers large scale pieces with an impeccable quality, supported by studies and analyses of requests for each of the projects undertaken.
Perfect for window framing (frames, sills, arches), the product ensures a continued use of stone throughout the entire project.
Depending on the loads the façade bears, designer studios will present different types of internal reinforcement using composite, aluminium or metal.
The massive effect in all its lightness!


An optimal combination of natural stone and a lightweight non-standard size structure, the process developed by Stone Performance allows for very slender pieces to withstand extreme constraints.
The stone panels are entirely assembled in factory, ensuring a perfect structural quality of the elements. The finishing is done in a workshop according to the rules of the art.Implementation is easy and fast thanks to a fitting system based on a solid wood or metal structure. It can be assembled vertically or horizontally. This monolithic is fantastic!


Perfectly adapted in combination with STONE PERFORMANCE PROCESS® trumeaux and louvres or with existing traditional stone elements, SPP® frames are preferred due to their lightness and easy installation. You can now free yourself from a heavy and expensive primary frame and favour your façade design.
In addition to being freed from the usual restrictions related to massive stones’ freezing, SPP® frames will allow you to invisibly integrate gutters, aprons and electrified anti-pigeons systems.
During installation, human risk is minimized, lifting means are reduced and on-site occupation and installation time are reduced.


Stone Performance pushes the limits and breaks preconceived ideas by actually bending natural stone!
The SP-CURV® technological process allows for stone to be shaped according to your project’s radius of curvature. Stone Performance analyses your request and develops a study and a design specific to the targeted project.
Large scale stones and curved stone are no longer incompatible ideas.
Your building’s angles will turn heads!


STONE PERFORMANCE PROCESS® solution in large scale for façades can also be applied to soffits, thus pushing DTU’s limits and restricting standards!
The lightweight stone is installed across all levels with CSTB Technical Advice (2.2/13-1567_V3), NOA (USA) and BBA (UK) assurance, warranty and certification.
Even white marbles banned from façades due to the phenomenon of granular decohesion are back thanks to the SPP® process.
The invisible fixings are linear and efficient (interlocking rails); the good performance of the lightened complex is recognised by control organisms like Agence Qualité Construction (AQC).


Large scale modules are chain produced and assembled at Stone Performance factories. A flawless setup and rigorous quality control ensure your project will run smoothly and effectively.
Ideally designed for high wall coating, volumetric modules are delivered ready for on-site installation. An unparalleled solution that minimizes on-site human resources and significantly reduces the duration of the work.


The main advantages of a Stone Performance panel are its lightness (- 17 kg/m²) and its size (+ than 3 m), opening up a wide range of mobile, manual or motorised walls.
Versions with multiple configurations: rack door, sliding wall, oscillating or folding, according to your needs.
Due to its high impact resistance, it is suitable for all types of handling and mobility.
Available in all types of stone and finishes, ideal for concealing openings on a façade!


The simplicity and security of a light stone collage with any height.
SP-WALL® is an uninterrupted solution, from floor to ceiling!
Thanks to this process, Stone Performance brings you closer to stone in all its grandeur.
Natural stone’s unique expressiveness is present, the sublimated raw material as it can be imagined in its original environment, a privileged moment at the heart of minerality!


The Furniture section of our workshops actively participates in new projects for the design and production of lightweight stone furniture. This work is done in close collaboration with designers, interior architects, specialists in hospitality, heritage museums or private projects. The creations, entirely designed at our workshops, allow for the on-site installation of large stand-alone displays in just a few hours.
Renowned artists such as: Pierre Gonalons ( or Victoria Wilmotte ( trust our workshops to shape their unique furniture projects.
Curved and flat pieces methodically assembled shape exceptional, original, unexpected furniture pieces, disturbing the notions of balance and weight, combining technical know-how with perfectly neat aesthetics: a master’s work.


Unlike the opaque panel, an SP-GLASS® panel in marble on glass has the particularity of presenting the marble’s mineral clarity by translucency.
This is a unique and highly technical process, highlighting the material’s exceptional characteristics, playing with the effects and rendering variations according to natural or artificial light.
Applicable on façades or for interior decoration, SP-GLASS® is custom-made according to a project’s specifications (light transmission and reflection, sun factor, U Value,…) and offers the possibility of combining SP-GLASS® with insulating glass.
Stone Performance’s team can advise you on the best solution and marble your project.


Stone Performance offers a product adapted to paving for technical flooring, applicable both indoors and outdoors, on stud or joist.
SP-FOAM® slabs are light and composed of 10 mm of stone on 100 % recycled expanded foam composite.
This SP-FOAM® solution makes it possible to overcome stone’s usual constraints, again favouring lightness (30 kg/m²) and large formats up to 200×100 cm.
The brand stands for guaranty of perfect durability and remarkable robustness of the stone, enhanced by a composite with optimal mechanical characteristics.
Ideal for aligning the rooftop joints with the design of your façade!